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                HollisWealth Division -  " MIGHTY TYKES "


This is a soccer division of players who are turning 4 in the year they are playing, but not turning 6 in the year they are playing. 4-5 years old only for this division.


Only Children with Autism or Aspergers or in the process

 of being diagnosed and have either Autism or Aspergers when

the process is over are allowed to play in league.


When a child is turning 6 years, they are old enough to join the

regular league, he or she will be placed in a skill level that suits

them to better excel in the league.


This division only plays Indoors from February 5 to May  7  - 11 practices on

Sunday afternoons only. No Easter or March Break or No Mothersday practices.

2 teams of 5 players only come to practice at same time , but practice with their own coaches opposite each other in the gym. A gym divider will be put down to ensure a better practice and less distraction to the teams. It will be brought up last 15 minutes of their practice to have a little fun game.

Take advantage to meet some new friends for child and yourself.

 Make play dates at a park or each others homes to help your child with

socialization of other kids from soccer. This a great opportunity here.


Practices are 1 hour duration.

Group # 1 - Orange @ Royal Blue Teams 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm     


                                          February  5 - 12 - 19 - 26

                                          March       5 - 26

                                          April         2 - 9 - 23 - 30  

                                          May           7

 Season finishes on  May 7, 2017


This a structured practice with a little fun game the last 10 minutes of their

 practice time. Each team has coach to guide them through their skills.


Ribbons will be given out after every practice.


Each Player will get a Coloured T-Shirt for their team. All new Players to the

 League will recieve a New Soccer Ball @ Shin Pads and their parent or

worker will get a Yellow Mentors T-shirt which allows them to help their

child during practices in the gym. They must wear these t-shirts every week

, only 1 t-shirt per family. Any extra t-shirts will be charged to the family. 


At the end of their Indoor Season players will receive a trophy and a pizza party after their last game. 

You  will receive a Family Momento Book - Ribbon -

( Team Picture @ Individual Picture if you came to Picture Day ).


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Re-Posted : October , 2016

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