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Autism Yoga    - Stephanie John     ages 8 - 18 years old  Parent supervised

                           Register  519-966-2141

                           Questions  519-567-9593

                            [email protected]

 Our dedication to our players and families within the Autism Community remains a solid track for success. We strive to help you shine!

         The links below are to websites or info about the wide range of accessible community programs throughout Windsor and Essex County. 

              If any great organizations you know not listed

   Contact Patrick at

[email protected]





                                Hockey With Heart - Autism  4-11 years

Contact Steve  [email protected] at the WFCU


Harmony in Scouts   - Woman & Men 18+

   Contact : Chris & Dave Ouellette  519-966-7929

   Contact: Lindsay Douglas  519-977-3888 or     [email protected]



Windsor @ District Junior Golf Academy   http://www.kidsforegolf.ca/  Kim Ryan

519-258-4653 [email protected]  in Windsor   ( golf )


 Italian Canadian Handicapable Association   http://www.icha.ca/  call Teresa

519-977-1209   in Windsor  ( Lots of different sports )


The Miracle League  of Amherstburg

     http://www.amherstburgmiracle.com/  Chuck Bondy

 519-919-4641  [email protected]  in Amherstburg 

( Baseball )


Piano Lessons - Daytime lessons by Erin Courish ,

     For more info 519-890-0076 , Erin works with

    Special needs children as well.


Pin Pals Bowling - Shawn Gaudette  [email protected]  

they bowl at 12005 Tecumseh Rd , Tecumseh, Ontario . Contact

 Shawn for more info !! They want to take over the Bowling alley

on a certain night.  ( Bowling )


Rose City Archers       http://www.rosecityarchers.ca/   Martha Boyle

519-948-752 [email protected]   in Windsor   ( Archery )


 South Port Sailing Club   [email protected]  Ryan Bennett

 519-997-0874 in Tecumseh  ( Sailing  )


Spirit Of Excellence  http://www.spirit-of-excellence.com/  Colleen Kosti 

519-256-3328 or  [email protected]  in Windsor ( Dance , Flag Tossing ,

 Beauty School )


 Essex Kent Ice Bullets Sledge Hockey  [email protected] 

in Amherstburg ( Sledge Hockey )


Whole Note Music Therapy   http://www.wnmusictherapy.com/   Emily Finnigan

 519-478-0060  [email protected]  ( Music )


Windsor Aquatic Centre       http://www.windsoraquatic.com/   519-971-7479 

( Swimming ) In Windsor


Windsor-Essex Therapeutic Riding Association  

    http://www.wetra.ca/  Sue Klotzer 

 519-726-7682  [email protected]  in Windsor ( Therapeutic Horse Riding )


Windsor Special Oylmpics    - Community Coordinator : Cindy LaBrecque  

[email protected]  in Windsor ( Lots of Different Sports )


Windsor Vistas Gymnastics


     Melynda Outram  519-948-4386   [email protected] 

     in Windsor ( Gymnastics )


 ParaSport Ontario

         http://www.parasportontario.ca/    Kate Brownlee 

1800-265-1539 or 1-416-426-7012   [email protected]   In Toronto




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