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 From time to time we will post info for coaches to see

Rules for Coaching with WEC Special Stars Soccer League



We would love to express our gratitude to all our coaches and volunteers for coming to help  2015 Season.

 2016 season

Indoor Practices start February 7,2016 to May 1,2016 at General Brovk Public School gym

For the Outdoor Coaches we start on Sunday May 15 to July 24,2015 from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm at Central Park Athletics


WEC Special Stars Soccer League


2016 Indoor Dates at General Brock Public School, 3312 Sandwich St. Windsor

February 7 - 14 - 21 - 28

March  6

April  3 - 10 - 17 - 24

May  1


2015 Outdoor Dates - WINDSOR SENIOR< CANADIAN TIRE > INARIA Divisions  -  ONLY !!!!

  at Central Park Athletics  , central windsor

Time :  Divisions from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm , Group # times check Outdoor Dates   

May  15 - 29

June   5 - 12 - 26

July   10 - 17 - 24



# 1  Always show up 15 minutes early for practices and games with

 lots of smiles and great attitude.

# 2  Meet and greet your players, making eye contact first so not startle the

 child and to show them that the attention is for them.

# 3  Always make small achievements into huge ones by big time high 5's

 making eye contact to show them you are praising them in turn building up

the childs selfesteem and confidence in his or her   ability to excel in their skills or in games.

# 4  Talk to your parents and get to know them, your coaching experience

will be better and on a more personal level.

# 5  If you are having any kind of trouble with anyone, walk away and see

our Head Coaches, who are in Pink T-Shirts, or myself (Patrick), and we will resolve the issue.

# 6  Never take or walk any child into the bathroom,from the gym or from

the soccer fields ( tell parent or worker to take child ) or DO NOT offer a ride

 to and from practices or games to parents as you are a coach and the league

 would be liable if you get in a accident. this is a must .

# 7  Coach & Assistant Coachs are to work together in finding fun structured

 way in skills to teach the players so they will excel under your direction. Some

players need more attention so spend a little extra time building up these players

confidence by praising them. Lots of high 5's always and you will see results.

# 8  Always stress to parents or workers to practice at home to give players more

 chance of suceeding in our program and building their confidence. 1 sunday a week

 is not enough as repettition is always the best way for the children and young adults.

# 9  If you see 2 players or more becoming friends suggest to the parents to make

some play dates so their relationship can continue beyond soccer.

# 10 If a child is having a meltdown on the gym floor or on the soccer field help the

 parent or worker to take the player to the sidelines. Stress to the worker or player

not to leave as it will show that player how to get them to leave by having meltdowns

on purpose. They will cool down on the sideline and 95% of the time the player will come

back and participate in the practice or game.

# 11 Always act accordingly as you are representatives of this wonderful league to the public.

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